Life is not a race to the finish line

When I was a kid, there were no iPads, PSPs or portable DVD players. Eating and drinking were not allowed in the car and if we were given candy, it was only after doing something really great in school or as a reward for suffering the dreaded doctor’s office (except when going to Grandmas, which was our little secret). We had a Nintendo and local TV (yes, I’m a child of the 80s), but were only allowed to use them for short periods of time – then sent back out front to play and ride our bikes around the block with our neighborhood friends. If you were a kid today, you’d think I had a pretty boring, awful childhood. I can assure you this was not the case.

Having the down-time away from screens and electronics forced me and my two younger siblings to get creative. We’d spend hours setting up props for our home-made movies, developing amateur dance moves to our favorite Disney soundtracks, creating master works of art using sidewalk chalk on the driveway and playing hide and seek.

As an adult, I miss having that downtime. I’m the one in line at Starbucks checking my phone 3 times in line to pull up my inbox to clear the dreaded red action circles telling me there’s email requiring my attention. I’m the one who comes home from work late and plops of the couch to zone out with TV to numb my racing brain that’s trying to make lists for the 110 things I need to do at work tomorrow, all of which were due yesterday.

Life these days often feels like a race to the finish line – sprinting through each day with the hope that one day I can finally stop to smell the roses and reap the rewards. And although I am an adult with many real financial and family responsibilities, it’s alarming to see our children running the same race right alongside us. Competitive schooling, sports practice, tutoring and daycare pack their daily schedule from start to finish – it’s no wonder they too would prefer to get home and play videogames and watch TV to zone out from all the hustle and bustle.

I’ve decided to start this blog for your Little Roadies – the ones racing alongside us each day. It’s my hopes to build a community dedicated to living life in the present while remembering that life is a gift that should be cherished because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

race of life

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