Do we get old because we stop playing?

I came across a great print by Ginger Oliphant which reads “We Don’t Stop Playing Because We Get Old. We Get Old Because We Stop Playing.”

I remember the day I stopped playing with Barbie dolls. My sister and I were playing Barbies with our girlfriend next door when another neighborhood friend – an older boy of course – stopped by to see what we were doing. “You guys still play with Barbie dolls?” he gasped in disbelief, shocked that a ten year old could be so un-cool. And until that moment, I had no idea that one ever STOPPED playing Barbie dolls. In fact, I had just opened up my Totally Hair Barbie that I had kept in her box to save for my daughter one day, only to succumb to temptation one week later. And until that moment, I loved playing with my Barbie dolls. I pretended to ignore the cruel fun sucker and continued to play. But that night, I announced to my mom I was done playing with Barbies and surrendered them to my younger sister.

Never too old to stop playing

Print by Ginger Oliphant available for purchase at

It’s too bad that some people tell us we’re too old to play. It’s also too bad that we believe them. Granted, children’s toys don’t quite have the imaginative appeal they did when I was young, but to this day I still LOVE watching cartoons, playing Red Light – Green Light and coloring with my niece and nephew. One of the best things about being around children is that they remind us to delight in the little things because they see the world in a different light – new, exciting, full of surprise and adventure.

So guess what I just bought my niece for her birthday coming up? A Barbie. And yes, I plan to play Barbies with her. 🙂

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