DIY Photo Booth: Be Silly and Have Fun

One of the things I love the best about children is that they remind us to be silly and have fun! What better way to do so than to create your very own photo booth? Whether for your next party or just some fun around the house, here’s the scoop on how to do it without having to shell out a small fortune to rent one.

What You Will Need:DIY Photo Booth

  1. Laptop with a built-in camera
  2. Dress-up accessories (glasses, hats, costumes, etc.)
  3. Photo backdrop (can be as simple as a white bed sheet)

Step 1: Download the free Sparkbooth app onto your computer.  Test the program ahead of time to make sure it works correctly (upgrade to full version to remove watermark). If you have a Mac, you can simply use the Mac Photo Booth software that’s already on your computer. If you’re having any trouble, read this article from for tips and alternative program options. She also has tips on how to do it using your iPad with Pocketbooth ($0.99).

Step 2: Hang the photo backdrop against a wall where the kids will be taking photos. Set your laptop on a table or chair and make sure the lens is positioned correctly to capture the kids’ faces in the photos.

Step 3: Fill a basket with the props and costumes so that the kids can pick and choose what they want to wear. Need some help with prop ideas? Click here for free print-outs from

Step 4: Appoint an adult to supervise the laptop (and to help run the photo booth program for the kids) and then it’s SHOWTIME!

As always, make sure children are supervised to prevent any “accidents” with your coveted tech devices.

Oh, and don’t forget to say cheese!

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