Teach your dog to play hide and seek with your kids

Hide and seek has always been one of my favorite games. It’s also a great way to entertain both your kids and your dog!

So HOW do you train a dog to play hide and seek? Follow the steps below and soon you’ll have a new family activity to help keep everyone–including your furbaby—active and entertained.

*IMPORTANT TIP* Set aside time after your kids go to bed to practice with your dog by yourself first. It will be difficult to do this while the kids are awake, creating distractions for your eager pup.

hide and seek with dog


Ask your dog to SIT and reward him with a treat upon doing so. Make him see that you have an additional treat (or his favorite toy) and ask him to STAY.

step2Tell him to STAY  walk away towards another room. If your dog starts to follow you, bring him back to the starting point and try again. Walk away backwards so he knows you’re watching him… (just like kids, hehe.)


Once you have made it to another room while your dog stays, call him to you. Be sure to reward him with treats and praise when he finds you! Then, bring him back to his original “counting place” and start again. As your dog gets more practice, try hiding in more difficult places like behind a door or under a blanket to make him hunt for you.

Now… the best part! Once your pet gets the hang of it, teach your kids the above steps and they can play with the dog while you relax.

If you’re lookdog plays hide and seeking for more training games for your pet, check out this fantastic article from Kidzworld.com here.

Additionally, the steps above assume your pet has already mastered basic training commands including SIT and STAY. If your dog still needs to learn these, read this helpful article by clicking here.

Reality Check: Remember there are some dogs that simply won’t play hide and seek no matter how hard you try. Like kids, sometimes they just don’t want to do it and there comes a point where you need to listen to your gut and decide what’s best for them. 

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