An Ah-Ha Moment

Attention pet lovers! As “Mom” to two adorable furbabies – Zoey and Ryder – I’ve realized that the core concept of why I started this site (slowing down and not taking life for granted) is actually often achieved through my dogs. At the end of the day, my dogs are the ones who really help to bring balance to my life by reminding me to have fun and look at the beautiful world by its simple and humble moments. Try it: think like a dog one day—eat, play, sleep, repeat—it’s that easy and feels great.


As you can see from the sidebar on this page, my last blog post was over 9 months ago. In my usual obsessive fashion, I became super excited about an idea and hit the ground running (full-speed) and opened up an online children’s shop PLUS started a blog, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook account. I soon found myself spending hours upon hours browsing the Internet looking for hilarious kid photos and topics for blog inspiration. Suddenly something that was supposed to be a fun outlet to help me relax suddenly became a chore, and the engagement on my social pages waned.

One thing I did notice was spikes in interest when I included pets in the conversation: people responded well when I shared photos, tips, memes and more, about my dogs. This sparked another idea (which usually occurs about 2am when I’ve accidentally consumed caffeine that afternoon) which drove my obsessive mind to change my @LittleRoadies twitter handle into the voice of my dog Ryder on a whim, and I began engaging with the pet community. I was instantly in love; realizing pet people are my kind of people. I (technically Ryder) quickly made many Twitter friends and it was really fun, not like a chore. I didn’t need to browse the Internet for content (I already have a gazillion photos and videos of my pets), and two-way conversation followed naturally, without effort. My secret? I unlocked something that I was truly genuinely passionate about; in fact a bit fanatical you could say.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not some crazy dog lady who owns a thousand dogs and taste tests their food before allowing them to eat it (although I realize that talking as your dog on Twitter is not exactly normal), but I am obsessed with animals and love them to my very core – always have, always will. And thus, overtime, you may begin to see this blog transform with more and more posts about pets, dedicated to the furbabies who make our lives better just by being around. Stay tuned!

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One Response to An Ah-Ha Moment

  1. Teresa Wagster says:

    Cute! Started to write a comment don’t know if I posted it😊soo proud of what u have accomplished love u

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